Quinoa La Cholita
Quinoa La Cholita
Quinoa La Cholita

Fundo El Embrujo is dedicated to research and development of seeds with high nutritional levels depending on the specifications of the market,

We have a team of botanists, geneticists and agriculture engineers dedicated to develop and create seeds for every specific areas in corn, paprika and now in quinoa.

We were awarded with the Peruvian Business Creativity Award in 2008 for the genetic improvement of seed which enhanced productivity in a 170%, and today, we are working on quinoa seeds of standards that meet the nutritional value and other market tendencies.

We are continuously improving our work and extending our research. Right now we already have hybrid seed Quinoa with:
**Our seeds are not GMO.**
Address: Los Cedros 185 
Chorrillos Lima 9 – Perú. 

+511 249 1743