Quinoa La Cholita
Quinoa La Cholita
Quinoa La Cholita

Fundo El Embrujo is a business group with more than 60 years in the agro-industrial field. We have our own seeding facilities which allows us to supply the local and international market with the best natural products year round.

Our Vision

To keep a sustained production under strict control and agricultural management, from sowing to packaging, that makes our product meet the specifications required by the market.

Our Mission

To provide the market with a production conventional and natural red, black and white quinoa that is consistent, standardized and proved high protein levels.

Our Advantages

  • We are directly involved with the management of our crops in different areas of the country
  • We offer a standardized quinoa in color, size and nutrient level at a stable price.
  • We guarantee a consistent supply year long since we don’t depend on nature.
  • We work in the research and development of new seeds of high nutrient value and more yield per acre.* See Our Seed.
  • We are committed to meeting the required standards in nutrition and process directed by the market.

Our Social Responsibility

Our social responsibility is not only limited to our employees, we also work with communities in the highlands who, because of their lack of technology and dependance on weather conditions, risk losing their harvest (their only source of income) without a moment’s notice. El Embrujo collaborates with these communities by introducing them to safer and more technical ways of farming and harvesting so that they can increase their production levels and maximize their crops potential (in quantity as well as quality) resulting in an improvement on their quality of life. How do we do this? By plowing their lands with special machinery leaving them to sow our Quinoa™ seeds and once it’s harvest season we provide them with harvesters for their crops. All the while, we offer them technical support and advice not only throughout the farming season but all year round (specially during winter when they suffer from extremely cold weather). When the harvesting is done El Embrujo buys their Quinoa at the best price on the market.

Commitment to quality

El Embrujo keeps a solid commitment with the agricultural field in the development of quality quinoas focusing to obtain increased yield per acre at low production costs and looking for nutrition standards and defined colors while maintaining natural farming. All our crops are constantly analyzed in every aspect of the market.
Address: Los Cedros 185 
Chorrillos Lima 9 – Perú. 

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