Quinoa La Cholita
Quinoa La Cholita
Quinoa La Cholita


1. Is our Quinoa gluten free?

All quinoa is gluten-free

2. What are the nutritional benefits of Quinoa from El Embrujo compared to others out in the market

El Embrujo guarantees a minimum 13% protein. Quinoa harvested in different areas exhibit protein levels that fluctuate anywhere between 8% an 15%. In addition, El Embrujo´s sister company, Inca Health processes the grains and tests them for nutritional values and quality.

3. What are the advantages of working with El Embrujo?

We produced quinoa and provide other growers with high quality seeds that ensure that our product has always the same quality.

4. What do you mean enhancement of the seeds without making genetic modification?

We keep improving the seeds through a selection process that does not include any genetic modification.

5. How do we warrants the quality of our product?

By our own seed production and constant control in the process that takes place in our own processing plant.

6. Are our products 100% All Natural?

Even though our quinoa is not organic it is absolutely natural. We use natural fertilizers and all the processes and products approved for organic quinoa.

7. How do we warrant the Quinoa from the highlands is standardized?

The quinoa seed we sow is produced by ourselves after a detailed process of natural selection, which ensures standardization in all organoleptic characteristics and nutritional values.

8. What do you mean you don’t depend on nature?

We grow quinoa with modern agricultural techniques, including dripping systems. This allows us to cultivate quinoa any time of the year with much higher productivity than in the highlands where quinoa is totally dependent on weather conditions on the rainy season and is harvested once a year.

9. How do I order Quinoa from El Embrujo?

Get in touch with Monica Montalvo

10. How do I track my order of Quinoa?

You enter the user and password provided by us. If you do not have a user and password, please send us an email.

11. What are the packaging specifications of the Quinoa?

They can be according to our costumers needs. We can ship quinoa in 1 MT polypropylene big bags as well as 25 Lb. paper bags.
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